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 Andre Charles Mysteries


Molly Levin and Mike Landry have an unexpectedly adventurous retirement--developing a romantic relationship as they help Detective Jose Villegas solve crimes in the "over 55" community of Sunrise Acres in Cactus Heights, Arizona.

Book One:

Book Two:


Who is Andre Charles?

Andre Charles is the pseudonym for two retired professors, one from Harvard Business School (Dorothy Leonard) and the other from Tufts University (Walter Swap). They’ve co-authored three non-fiction books previously, including the award-winning management book on group creativity, When Sparks Fly.


Active hikers and pickleball players, the co-authors strenuously resist being referred to as “spry.” They live in Sun City Oro Valley, Arizona, with two cats of dubious ancestry.

The Second Molly & Mike Mystery  is  now published:

OVERKILL: A Molly & Mike Mystery

When retired judge Tom O’Day plunges off a cliff while on a hike, Mike Landry is accused of murder. Mike and fellow amateur sleuth Molly Levin must prove Mike’s innocence by solving numerous puzzles: What caused O’Day’s bizarre behavior before his fall? Was the burglary at the O’Days’ house the morning of the hike merely a coincidence? Who would benefit from O’Day’s demise besides his widow? As the police investigation stalls, Molly makes a dangerous gamble.

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