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 Andre Charles Mysteries


Molly Levin and Mike Landry have an unexpectedly adventurous retirement--developing a romantic relationship as they help Detective Jose Villegas solve crimes in the "over 55" community of Sunrise Acres in Cactus Heights, Arizona.


Who is Andre Charles?

Andre Charles is the pseudonym for two retired professors, one from Harvard Business School and the other from Tufts University. They’ve co-authored three books previously, including the award-winning management book on group creativity, When Sparks Fly, and are currently writing the second Molly and Mike mystery.


Active hikers and pickleball players, they strenuously resist being referred to as “spry.” They live in Sun City Oro Valley, Arizona, with two cats of dubious ancestry.

The first Molly & Mike Mystery

Joseph Haydn

When Renee Holden’s father dies, his daughter suspects murder. Then the quiet Arizona retirement community where Renee lives is horrified by a violent assault. Lead police detective Jose Villegas enlists the help of two retiree residents —Molly Levin and Mike Landry—to identify suspects. Digging into the complex lives and hidden histories of possible assailants, Molly and Mike uncover tales of violence, tragic decisions, and long-held secrets—including some of their own.

"There was no one near to confuse me, so I was forced to become an original"

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