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READER REVIEWS of The Bell Tower

This cozy mystery features a cast of quirky characters, unexpected plot twists worthy of an Agatha Christie novel and a couple of delightful senior sleuths who deserve their own series. When murder rocks a Southwestern retirement community , two residents launch an investigation into their friend's death only to discover there are enough suspects to form a Pickleball tournament. The Bell Tower is a fun, entertaining whodunit that keeps readers guessing to the very end. 

- Debra S. Sanders, author of Dead Men Can't Talk



Andre Charles deftly weaves conflict, suspense, and romance into this mystery set in the easygoing desert community of Sunrise Acres. Fans of J.A. Jance will delight in this well-crafted story packed with vivid characters.

- Valerie Hansen, author of Murder in the Vine Country – A Healdsburg Homicide


The Bell Tower is a page-turner. The characters, setting and plot create a wonderful read.

- Catherine Paul, author of THEY'RE HERE




Author Andre Charles has crafted an engaging experience filled with intriguing clues and clever plot hooks that kept me hooked from start to finish. The well-crafted plot, intriguing characters, and clever puzzles made for a captivating mystery that unfolded with suspense and unexpected twists, but I’d especially like to highlight the atmosphere and detail of the setting at Cactus Heights, which was a delight and immersed me from the get-go. With this unique backdrop to the investigation in place, Charles utilizes some really stellar dialogue to express the dynamics between Mike and Molly, furthering their relationship, delivering clever banter, and giving us naturally occurring plot clues and surprises at the same time. Overall, Overkill is a delightful mystery that keeps you guessing until the very end, and I would highly recommend it for your next cozy read.

K.C. Finn

In Overkill, Andre Charles gives us an engaging tale that evolves from clue to clue faster than the police can keep up with it. It’s a good thing that Molly and Mike are on the right side of the law. The narrative is descriptive and the plot moves at a comfortable pace, uncovering one surprise after another as the circle of suspicion widens and hitherto long-hidden secrets are revealed. I enjoyed the tenacity of both Molly and Mike in going where the detectives had no interest. Molly and Mike’s romantic relationship is woven into the storyline. Both have issues to resolve before they can move forward. A highly satisfying story and I look forward to more Molly and Mike sleuthing adventures in the future.

Kimberlee J Benart

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