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The second Molly & Mike Mystery

Retired judge Tom O’Day had it all: health, money, a young woman companion. When he started his hike with the Sunrise Acres “active adult community” Hiking Club, all seemed normal. Until it wasn’t. Mike Landry, on the trail just behind the judge, noticed that Tom began acting weirdly—talking to himself and obviously hallucinating. As Tom walked toward the edge of a cliff, Mike tried to hold him back, but Tom stepped off into the abyss.


Was it heat stroke? Suicide? Or something more sinister?


If the death was, indeed, “suspicious,” a number of possible suspects had motive and opportunity to cause it: Tom’s estranged wife, set to inherit his estate; a retired computer security entrepreneur with a shady past that Tom had uncovered; Tom’s young lady friend. One fellow hiker swore that Mike pushed O’Day.


And what caused Tom’s strange behavior that led to his fall?


Mike and his partner, Molly Levin, set out to clear Mike’s name and discover both the cause of Tom’s behavior and who designed his death.

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